Laser cutting and engraving

Our customers ask, why should they use our service? Using lasers for manufacturing results such precision and accuracy that no other manufacturing technology can compete with.

We are here to meet any challenge for your production requirements. Our expert staff started the first laser job shop in the Silicon Valley: we are familiar with the exacting standards and tolerances of this high-tech field.
Currently we have several three axis, four axis, and five axis CNC controlled laser systems capable of just about any laser cutting challenge you can throw our way. We also provide solutions for engraving or scribing different materials with extreme high precision.
Our technology ensures a high quality, high precision, and quick turnaround time laser service for any cutting and drilling applications.
We are experienced in laser quartz cutting for the semi-conductor industry. Quartz cutting is a delicate process and we are set up to handle large diameter tubes and long length injectors.
We can perform laser cutting in any material which lends itself to co2 laser cutting and drilling. These materials include quartz, ceramics, silicon carbide, metals and combinations, synthetics, and natural materials. Please contact our sales department to evaluate your application.