Custom CNC

If you have an application where custom CNC controlled motion systems are needed, we can design and build just about any configuration up to seven axis.

The resolution is application dependent, and we can include rotary, linear, and laser interferometer encoders. Anorad or other PC based controllers can be utilized upon customer request.
We can build your custom CNC system from new state of the art equipment to your specifications involving motion control in any configuration and lasers of any type.
We also have the ability and resources to fabricate your system from refurbished components, thereby saving your company valuable resources. Used CNC machines are always available and we have many used CNC machines on hand which we can use to build your motion control system. Using this approach we can pass on substantial savings to our customers and a much shorter lead time for the custom system configuration.
Custom CNC systems are often the best solution to your job demands. Repetitive jobs may need to be performed at a rapid rate to accomplish your work load. A simple system specifically designed to perform these operations can increase productivity and shorten lead time.
Trainability is also an issue when dealing with complex systems. The more complex a system is, the more resources need to be spent on training. By designing a system from the ground up from your specifications, we can bring to you a tool that does exactly what you need it to do, and provide any necessary training. Contact our sales department for more information.