The Introduction

We at Applied Laser Solutions combine over 50 years in the laser cutting and motion control industries to bring you the exacting solutions you require.

We provide custom laser CNC machines, advanced laser cutting applications, and engineering expertise to solve your technological issues. We handle all types of laser cutting in many different materials which lend themselves well to laser cutting. We started the first job shop in the Silicon Valley and have developed advanced laser cutting techniques which allow us to handle many jobs that others are not able to and at a lower cost. We also offer Anorad repair of all types in the field or through the mail. Our service team is highly skilled and qualified in the field of Anorad repair and we can handle any type of motion control from x-y stages to rotary axis and combinations of these. Many of our clients require custom built CNC machines to accomplish their jobs in-house. This has allowed us to develop a system for building custom CNC machines that are tailored to suit your work space, and the job at hand. These custom CNC machines can be built from all new components, or used equipment to save you important resources and shorten lead time.

What we do?

Prototyping and R&D

We provide solutions for our costumers which require unique applications and most of other machine shops and companies cannot solve. We can build systems or modify our current ones to fit for our costumers requirements. We also do research on challenges with no solutions so far.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

With our technlogy we are able to cut and/or engrave any complex shaped objects (quarz, ceramics, steel, rubber ... etc) with extremely high precision. We are using various types of lasers with uniquely built motion controllers to fit any size, dimension and material of our costumers' problems. Our specialty is to work with quarz.

Laser Welding

With our state-of-the-art technology and 50 years of knowledge we are able to precisely weld steel and quarz. Our motion control technology makes us able precisely work on small and large objects aswell.

Custom CNC

We provide CNC milling or build custom CNC system from new state-of-the-art equipment to our customers' specifications involving motion control in any configuration and lasers of any type.

Consultation and Calibration

Using our 50 years of expertise of every laser system, we can calibrate your lasers in case of inaccuracies. We also provide consultation for laser and CNC machining.

Machine repair & Maintenance

We provide regular or occasional maintenance for lasers, CNCs or Anorad. We also redesign and remanufacture mechanical or electrical parts for machines that are no longer available on the market.