Ceramic Joining


When there is an application which has internal cavities in a ceramic body, the solution is to use layers of ceramic so that these parts can be machined. This creates a problem: how do you join these parts together? The solution is Ceramic Bonding or Diffusion Bonding.


Through ceramic joining we can fabricate custom end effectors made from three or more layers, vacuum wands or ceramic bodies with this atomic ceramic welding technique. There is no limit on how many components can be joined together. The joined area has approximately 85% of the strength of the original material.


Ceramic joining and ceramic welding are very strong. The temperature limitations are approximately 850° Celsius. These atomic welded joints do not out-gas or cause any contamination in a clean room environment.

Dissimilar material joining is also available with this atomic welding technique; this may be ceramic to metal or other materials. These applications are usually highly specific and may require additional consultation.


To employ the atomic welding technology may require slight modification of the components to lend itself to this type of fabrication. The engineering staff at ALS would be happy to review your part to be made, and suggest ways to make it easier, and less expensive to manufacture. Please contact our engineering department so we may be of service to you.