Anorad Repair & Upgrade


Anorad repair and other CNC machine repair is one of our specialties. From Anomatic II through Anomatic 2000 systems, we offer fast response and emergency field service, CNC repair, and calibration at your location. Upgrades from Ano II and ANO III to the higher level systems are also available.


There are new controllers available capable of seven simultaneous axis control, which will accept any Anorad program which you currently use on your Anorad systems. In the case of system upgrades, these new controllers could be implemented to replace old or aging Anorad controllers.


Motor drivers, cards, I/O boards, CPU's, M-function or other Anorad cards can also be repaired in-house by our technical staff. Just contact us and we can exchange working items for non-working to get you up and running as fast as possible.


CNC machine repair is a vital service, when the machines don't run, you don't make money. We understand the importance of speedy and reliable CNC repair. When you need fast and efficient Anorad repair or CNC repair, Applied Laser Solutions will be there. Please contact our engineering staff with your specific needs so that we may help you solve your problem in a timely fashion.